Our purpose

Be the platform that enables pioneers to prosper

Formerly known as AIMS, ONE was founded in 2017 as an OTC digital asset trading desk, serving high-net worth individuals, corporates, and institutional clients globally. Recognising that its clients – who were generally in higher-risk sectors – were facing tremendous difficulty in the movement of fiat funds, ONE undertook to resolve this industry pain point by shifting its focus towards banking and the provision of payment services. ONE subsequently acquired its PI licence from the FCA in 2020, and launched its proprietary payments platform in 2021.

Today ONE provides a unified end-to-end financial services solution for corporate clients. With offices in the UK, Jersey, Luxembourg, and Switzerland, and with additional locations to follow, ONE is able to effectively serve clients globally through its multitude of banking partners and a robust network of licences. Through a single onboarding with ONE, clients get access to a full suite of products and services, including real named IBANs in multiple fiat currencies, access to payment rails including SWIFT, SEPA Instant, SEPA, Faster Payments and CHAPS, FX in up to 17 currencies, and the ability to trade 24/7 via the ONE OTC desk.

By simplifying the worldwide movement of money, ONE has established itself as a secure and trusted provider of financial services within the industries in which it operates. ONE’s purpose is now to be the platform for pioneers to prosper, and with a smorgasbord of new products and services currently in development, ONE is well positioned to succeed in its next phase of growth – further enabling its clients’ businesses to thrive.

Our values


Constantly improving with creativity and confidence


Brave and tenacious in pursuit of equality


A team empowered by shared belief and commitment


Intuitive to our customers' needs and accountable for our actions